What is an Engineers design for rib and block slabs?

Royal Concrete Slabs - Why do I need an Engineer for my building project
Why do I need an Engineer for my building project?
September 9, 2020
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November 11, 2020
engineers slab design by royal concrete slabs

As mentioned in our previous article By law, every project needs a PR Engineer (certified Professional Engineer). The Pr Engineer who is appointed by the homeowner or contractor then becomes in charge of the project to oversee, supervise and approve that the building has structural integrity and takes on this responsibility.

Regarding the slab designs, the engineer converts the architects plan into a slab plan, by using slab design tables and doing calculations. This practice of maintaining safe loads is to adhere to Government laws and standards and achieving the architects design in a practical way.

A slab layout or engineers design is a plan designed by a PR Engineer, which shows the rib and block slab material such as lintels, blocks, cross ribs, and props exact specs and placement. Exact site measurement are done on site by Royal Concrete Slabs Engineers.

The builder or slab installer then follows this plan and calls the Engineer for an inspection once completely packed. This inspection is done before ready mix concrete is supplied (click here for ready mix article). See Royal Concrete Slabs Engineers design examples below. Our Engineers go the extra mile with 3d layouts for ease of use by builders and installers

Engineers Slab Design By Royal Concrete Slabs Engineers Slab Design By Royal Concrete Slabs