Why do I need an Engineer for my building project?

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August 5, 2020
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October 7, 2020
Royal Concrete Slabs - Why do I need an Engineer for my building project

By law, every project needs a PR Engineer (certified Professional Engineer). The Pr Engineer who is appointed by the homeowner or contractor then becomes in charge of the project to oversee, supervise, and approve that the building has structural integrity and takes on this responsibility.

  • The PR Engineer firstly reviews the architect’s plan and building project, reviews the structural integrity, if satisfied he/she stamps the plan for council submission. Once approved by council, the foundation work can begin, alongside council inspectors.
  • The PR Engineer then designs the foundations along with soil tests, inspections, and certificates. The builders are then given the go-ahead to start brickwork.
  • The Pr Engineer will then design the slab, and produce a slab layout (see below in bold). The rib and block material will be manufactured in accordance with this spec on the plan. The Engineer will then do inspections and provide a certificate at the end.
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