What is a polystyrene concrete slab?

Rib and Block with Polystyrene Block
What is a rib and block slab?
July 8, 2020
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Why do I need an Engineer for my building project?
September 9, 2020
What is a polystyrene concrete slab

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Rib and Block Slabs are the most common slab system in South Africa. It is easily understood by 90% of builders, architects and engineers and is cost effective and easily installed. Temporary supports are kept in place for around 3 weeks while building above the slab can resume a few days after the slab is cast.

What is a polystyrene rib and block slab?

Rib and Block with polystyrene Block: This type uses the same concrete lintel or rib with a lightweight polystyrene block instead of a concrete block.

Benefits are: The cost of this slab is cheaper, and is lighter on foundations and walls (structure of the building) as well as cheaper transport costs over long distances. The lightweight blocks means the slab is installed easier and faster.

Royal Concrete Slab advantages: Our lintels or ribs are unique and are T shaped (see photo) and are much stronger and sturdy providing easy installation, minimal breakages, hassle free propping and level soffits. Our Polystyrene blocks are made from heigh density polystyrene compared to competitor products. Like we always advise, don’t settle for inferior quality polystyrene. Our higher depth blocks allow for less ready mix concrete to be used. Matched with our T lintels, this is an ideal rib a and block system designed for efficiency.

One drawback or polystyrene blocks: The polystyrene cannot be plastered easily and effectively, so it is advised that a ceiling board is used beneath. For many homeowners and builders the use of ceiling boards to cover the slab is not an issue, as the modern look of dropped ceilings and canopies are preferred.

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