Polystyrene Sheets and Blocks

These lightweight blocks and sheets are made into different thicknesses and densities to suit many applications. We manufacture and cut size all type of Polystyrene sheets and Blocks. These are used for rib and block slabs, building insulation of floors and roofs, cold room fridge panels, stationary shops etc.

Polystyrene Sheets and Blocks

Insulation. Packaging. Shaping

Lightweight. Eco-friendly & Lightning Fast

Polystyrene sheets has many uses, and can be cut to different thicknesses and sizes.
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Polystyrene Blocks for Rib and Block Slabs

These Polystyrene Blocks are combined with out T lintels to form a Rib and Block slab

We also supply polystyrene blocks on its own as required by your engineer

Polystyrene insulated rib and block slabs are specifically used for long-distance building projects, where lighter weights are needed on load-bearing walls as well as 3rd and 4th-floor levels for installation.

Polystyrene Slab Benefits

see the case study on polystyrene insulation and energy saving in a 400m2 Johannesburg home

  • Sound Insulation – noise reduction
  • Heat insulation – keeping rooms cool in summer and warm in winter
  • Fast Installation – Polystyrene blocks are light and less labour intensive due to this fact
  • Lightweight and Economical – Easy and cheaper transport
  • Light on Walls and Foundations – 60% (100kg) lighter per m2 than normal rib and block slabs
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