Here’s Why Our Concrete Construction and Concrete Slab Solutions Are Way Ahead of The Rest


With our strong and trusted history spanning more than 30 years, we’ve come to be known as one of the premier brands in concrete construction and concrete slab supplies. We continue to pioneer advanced concrete construction products and remain progressive in the field of engineering services and ready mix concrete.

As one of the top producers of concrete slab products, concrete construction solutions, and ready-mix concrete products in South Africa, we continually set the standard for excellence in the sector. Tap into our vast buying power, and let it work for you. There’s never any need to settle for less than the best when working with Royal Concrete

Let’s take a closer look at some of the many products and solutions that have contributed to our industry leading status. Here’s what you can look forward to sourcing through us.

Rib and Block Slabs

High Performance Rib and Block Slabs from Royal Concrete.

Conventional Concrete Slabs… But More Efficient Popular Builders Choice.

These are more efficient than conventional slabs and are a popular builders choice. Our feature-rich rib and block slab solutions add value to any construction project. Our celebrated range of precast slabs contains everything you need to create the perfect solution for your project and design’s specific requirements.

We specialise in maintaining world-class buildings through service excellence. Thanks to our vastly competitive rib and block slab prices, we bring great value to the construction chain.

Polystyrene Rib and Block Slab

The Slab Engineered For The 21 st Century

Lightweight. Eco-friendly & Lightning Fast

The brilliant Royal Concrete engineers have met the challenges of the 21st Century with an innovative and advanced polystyrene insulated rib and block slab. These polystyrene slabs comes armed with a concrete tray for easy soffit plastering. This concept has since been copied by many of our competitors. Our engineers have mastered this art and we offer the most sought after polystyrene insulated rib and block slabs.

Polystyrene insulated rib and block slabs are specifically used for long-distance building projects, where lighter weights are needed on load-bearing walls as well as 3rd and 4th-floor levels for easy installation.

Polystyrene Sheets and Blocks

These lightweight blocks and sheets are made into different thicknesses and densities to suit many applications. We manufacture and cut to size all types of Polystyrene sheets and Blocks.

These are used for rib and block slabs

  • Building insulation of floors and roofs
  • Cold room fridge panels
  • Stationary shops etc.

Engineering Services

Industry Leading Engineering and Slab Services 

Council Signatures , Foundation, Slabs, Staircases….Inspections and Certifications.

Throughout the years, we’ve perfect our approach to slab engineering services. Our solutions range from a complete service offering placing high value on safety, efficient design and professional solutions. Taking all of the above into account, our engineers design structures that stand the test of time.

We incorporate modern trends that are both safe and competitively, which form the basis of our designs. Let our qualified PR engineers provide you with the range of engineering services you need for your next industrial, commercial or domestic development. Services you can look forward to including:

  • RC beam and staircase designs;
  • Foundation designs and inspections;
  • Slab designs, inspections and certification;
  • Plan signatures and forms for council submissions

Ready Mix Concrete

A Complete Ready Mix Concrete Solution

Including Pump Hire (JHB And Surrounds Only)

We are proud to provide a complete ready mix concrete solution. Not only do we provide a service that is incredibly efficient and convenient, but our ready mix concrete also exceeds all strength tests. Who else can guarantee this?

Our variety of ready mix concrete solutions ranges from15 to 35mpa. Let our experience and expertise work for you, and let us help you take your construction project to the next level.

We are proud of our long history of excellent service in the construction industry and continue to work hard to deliver the excellent concrete construction solutions our customers have come to expect from us. If you would like to learn more about us, what we do, and how we can be of benefit to you, contact us today. We look forward to hearing from you.

We’d like to tell you more about our industry leading prefabricated concrete slab. Contact us for advice on buying the best concrete slabs for your needs.