2 main applications for concrete slabs

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March 26, 2021
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September 13, 2021

Over the years, concrete slabs have grown in popularity, becoming one of the most common structural elements in building construction and many other projects. These slabs are used for their strength, durability, and – more recently – their aesthetics. If you’re wondering what they are used for, here are a few applications for concrete slabs:


Concrete slabs are frequently used in commercial and residential buildings as Roofs. In commercial buildings, these slabs are useful for ensuring that the structure remains sturdy for decades on end. As a roof, concrete slabs can be turned into entertainment areas, roof gardens or storage. It also serves as a safety net against roof tile type burglaries. Many modern designs use roof slab for aesthetic purposes while providing added benefits of space, and safety etc.


All multi floor buildings usually use concrete slabs as the structural floor specified by engineers.

Concrete floors can be found in industrial, commercial and residential settings. Concrete slabs are often used in industrial workshops because of the durability of these products. They can handle the pressure placed on them by large machinery. In the commercial sector, the concrete once again is used for durability and sturdiness, allowing buildings to remain structurally sound for a very long time. However, concrete floors, much like concrete roofs, can also be used for aesthetic purposes. These floors can be polished, making them bright and shiny in order to enhance a room’s lighting.