Which is better? Ready Mix Concrete or hand mixing concrete

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Ready Mix Concrete VS Hand Mixing Concrete

As mentioned in our previous article, every project needs a PR Engineer (certified Professional Engineer) who is responsible for the entire project.

Ready mix concrete vs hand mixing concrete
Royal Concrete Slabs Engineers always advise that ready mix concrete is a better option for the following reasons:

  • Hand mixed concrete cannot be verified, builders use different mix ratios, add different amounts of water, purchase different strengths of cement and purchase different qualities of sand and stone. Because of all of these uncertain aspects, Engineers cannot certify or verify the MPa strength of concrete mixed.
  • Ready mix concrete is purchased or should be purchased from reliable suppliers who have measures and tests in place to produce the desired strength stipulated by the PR engineer in charge of the project
  • Ready mix concrete costs more than hand mixing concrete, but with the use of pumps ready mix supply is faster, cleaner and of superior quality. Less labour is also used. AT the end the costs are quite close, and ready mix has better quality, structural integrity etc.
  • For the reasons above, PR Engineers will only certify slabs and projects that have used Ready Mix Concrete from certified suppliers

Always insist that your builders use ready mix concrete !
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Ready Mix Concrete VS Hand Mixing Concrete Ready Mix Concrete VS Hand Mixing Concrete
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