Benefit from Accessing Expert Slab Engineering Services

Benefit from Buying the Best Quality Rib and Block Slabs Available
January 21, 2019
Why Concrete Slab Construction is Best Left to the Professionals
March 14, 2019

Take Your Project to the Next Level with Expert Slab Engineering

Working with seasoned slab engineering professionals for slab design will result in you receiving flooring that is specifically customised to the needs of your structural engineering project. It also means that you will never have to settle for or accept a one size fits all approach to your slab engineering needs. Instead, you will be able to access the exact services and solutions your project needs.

There are so many different types of slabs available that you will need to work with professional slab engineering experts to ensure that you receive the very best value and the exact solutions your project requires. We are experts at rib and block slab design, and provide a complete solution including foundation inspections as well as signatures for council submissions.

You will find an end to end solution at a reduced rate when purchasing our rib and block product. Our engineers do inspections and site measurements before and after the slab is installed, so you can rest assured your project is supervised with safety standards and a quality end result. Ultimately, with so many service providers vying for your business, there’s simply no reason to settle for anything other than the very best. You can also be assured that you will receive rib and block slabs that are engineered according to industry best practice and that they will be technically sound.

When choosing which service provider to work with, it pays to partner with an established service provider who has been around a good while. It will provide you with a great chance of enjoying complete satisfaction and enjoy excellent returns on your investment. These professionals bring with them decades of combined industry expertise and experience and will work hard to provide you with the great service that you would come to expect from working with a seasoned industry professional.

Choose Royal Concrete for Expert Slab Engineering Solutions

We are proud to be one of the leading suppliers of quality rib and block slab solutions available in South Africa today. Our team of seasoned industry professionals is also always at hand to provide our valued clients with the great service they’ve come to expect from us. Throughout the years, we’ve worked hard to firmly establish ourselves as leaders in the concrete slabs sector.

Our combined experience brings together decades of experience, which provides us with an edge with regards to the use of the latest technologies in the sector. We also offer flexible product ranges, along with competitive rates and unmatched experience. There’s no reason to settle for anything other than the very best when working with us. Enjoy access to excellent quality prefabricated concrete slabs in South Africa and let our slab engineering solutions help you to bring in your next project on time, and on budget.

There’s no reason for you to ever accept anything other than the best when working with us. For over three decades we’ve been leading our industry forward in cutting edge innovation, and we show no signs of slowing down. If you would like to learn more about us, what we do, and how we can be of benefit to you, then simply contact us today. We are ready to answer any questions you may have.

Our Engineering services include:
Plan signatures and engineers’ appointments for council submissions
Foundation designs and inspections
Rib and block slab designs, inspection and certification
Beam and staircase designs