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December 10, 2018
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It can be tough to identify quality rib and block slabs. This is especially true if you don’t have a lot of experience in the construction industry. The rib and block system comprises hollow blocks and pre-stressed ribs (also called beams or lintels), among other elements. This system is perfect for applications ranging from first floor, roof, and basement slabs.

One of the best ways to make sure that you are buying great quality rib and block slabs is to work with an established supplier that has a favorable reputation in the industry. The reason why it’s important to work with a supplier who has been around a while is that you want to make sure you will be able to access them again for any after-sales service. The last thing you want is to pitch up to your supplier’s door down the line only to find out that they’ve closed up shop.

It also gives you confidence knowing that you’re dealing with a professional supplier who has helped many other customers throughout the years. This is perhaps one of the best ways to ensure that you get the great value and best quality rib and block slabs available on the market today.

How to spot good Quality Components?

Keep a lookout for quality manufactured components. There are mainly two components in a Rib and Block slab: 1. The rib and 2. The Block

  1. The Rib: This is the main component of the slab (also called a Beam or Lintel).

There are 2 methods of manufacturing these components a) Machine extrusions (preferred) and b) Cast in moulds.

Make sure your manufacturer supplies you with machine-extruded stronger Ribs, straighter and of superior quality. Unrealistic claims by certain manufacturers to supply 80mPa ribs should also raise eyebrows. Yet other manufacturers are known to supply inferior components made with Chinese cement! Our ribs reach 40 to 50mpa in a short space of time (tested by Universities)

You get what you pay for, so extremely cheap quotes should produce an inferior quality slab which can be unsafe and cumbersome in the future.

  1. The Block: there are 2 types of Blocks, Concrete block and polystyrene Block

We supply both types of Blocks and ensure a good-quality product

The quality can be noticed clearly by sight, and by visiting the factory of your supplier. The last thing you want your supplier to send you is a load of blocks and half of them are breaking, this is unsafe for the builders to walk on, and can collapse while concrete is being poured!

Polystyrene blocks are taking the market quickly and are easier to install, but many suppliers cut costs by supplying lower thicknesses (very unethical, as this makes the product cheap but makes the client spend more money on concrete). The density of the polystyrene has to be high enough for builders to walk on as well as provide insulation benefits.

The polystyrene Blocks can easily be inspected by noticing for small polystyrene crumbling by firmly brushing the sides, or doing a walk-on test.


Choose Us as Your Preferred Rib and Block Slabs Supplier

For more than three decades, our company has been at the forefront of driving innovation in the prefabricated concrete slab sector. We continue to work hard to far exceed all expectations placed on us and to consistently deliver the very best quality rib and block slabs available on the market today. Our team of seasoned industry professionals brings with them decades of combined industry experience which we are more than happy to make available to the benefit of our clients.

Our components are all machine extruded, and periodically tested to achieve 40mPa strength using the best 52.5 Cement by LaFarge which has been a worthy name for many years. Safety, strength, and quality is our Engineers’ main concern.

Our Concrete blocks and Polystyrene Blocks are all of high quality and continuously inspected before leaving the factory, and we know that this investment in quality means our clients come back to support us over and over again!

We do so by sharing our hard-won knowledge in the hopes of helping to make our clients’ decisions easier and better informed. Whether you’re an architect, home builder, or engineer, our team always goes beyond the call of duty to deliver the solutions you need to bring your project in on time and budget. Aside from providing rib and block slabs, we also offer many other solutions including polystyrene slabs, ready-mix concrete, and slash engineering services, to name a few.

As a point of principle, we always work hard to streamline and adapt our business to meet the ever-evolving needs of our clients. By doing so, we ensure our offering remains consistently relevant and that we can add tangible value to our clients’ businesses. Contact us to learn more about what we can do for you.