The structural benefits of polystyrene slabs

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The idea of polystyrene being used in the construction industry may seem absurd to some, but it is common for slabs of this material to be used in the creation of various structures today. The reason for the use of polystyrene slabs in the construction process is because of the many structural benefits that it offers. Read all about the structural benefits of polystyrene slabs below:


A huge advantage of these slabs is that they weigh much less than a regular concrete slab would. Their light weight makes it incredibly easy to transport and install them. Thanks to the ease of installation, this ensures that the slabs can be installed quickly, reducing the total time of the project. Another structural benefit of their light weight is that they place less pressure on walls or any other foundations that are in place to support the slabs.

Energy efficient

Polystyrene slabs also assist in making the structure incredibly energy efficient. Its energy efficiency stems from the fact that the polystyrene has high insulation properties that are perfect for keeping buildings warm in the winter months and cool in the summer months. The slabs are also effective sound insulators, lowering the chance of noise entering or escaping buildings.


Using polystyrene and concrete together to form these structural slabs offers durability unlike you’ve ever seen before. Polystyrene slabs are long-lasting, durable slabs with little to no risk of deterioration or weakening over time. The combination of strength and weight means that these slabs require minimal props to keep them in the correct position.