Polystyrene Insulated Rib and Block Slabs

Lightweight. Superior. Economical

The brilliant Royal Concrete engineers have met the challenges of the 21st Century with an innovative and advanced polystyrene insulated rib and block slab. This slab comes armed with a concrete tray for easy soffit plastering. This concept has since been copied by many of our competitors. Our engineers have mastered this art and we offer the most sought after polystyrene insulated rib and block slabs.

Polystyrene insulated rib and block slabs are specifically used for long distance building projects, where lighter weights are needed on load bearing walls as well as 3rd and 4th floor levels for easy installation.

The benefits of our Polystyrene Insulated Rib and Block Slabs:

• Sound Insulation – noise reduction
• Heat Insulation – keeping rooms cool in summer and warm in winter
• Fast Installation – Polystyrene blocks are light and less labour intensive due to this fact
• Lightweight and Economical – Easy and cheaper transport
• Light on Walls and Foundations – 35% (60kg) lighter per m2 than normal rib and block slabs

Design Benefits

• Versatility and flexability in design
• Spans up to 8m are easily achieved

Manufacturing Benefits

• Factory produced – offering the highest quality standard
• Our polystyrene is made with fire resistant material by our sister company
• T Lintels are machine extruded and not made in moulds like our competitors’ products. Therefore the underside of our Lintel is rough, which serves as a good plaster adhesive surface.
• 40MPA concrete ribs is our standard as opposed to the 25MPA industry standards
• All trays are made from quality aggregates with minimum breakages

Suitable Applications

• Hospitals
• Schools
• Residential/ Domestic
• Town Houses
• Retail
• Car Parks
• Office Buildings

Rib and Block Slabs

Throughout the years we have evolved our rib and block concrete slab to a final product that we and our loyal clients are proud of. A slab that meets the needs of the unique South African contractor and home owner.

Rib and Block slabs are South African Engineers and architects slab of choice… and we have perfected this product.

The benefits of rib and block slabs:

• Lintels or ribs are T-Shaped for added strength and easy propping
• Only 40mpa concrete is used in our Lintels
• Our blocks are made from high quality aggregates with minimum breakages
• High quality finishes are achieved – level soffit for easy and economical plastering