Efficient Concrete Slabs At Factory Prices

about Royal ConcreteThe Royal Concrete rib and block concrete slab system has an established and highly respected name in the construction industry. With over 20 years of experience, we guarantee superior service and quality products. Despite our long and distinguished history, we have got a brand new story to tell. One of success, drive and commitment. Royal Concrete still has an outstanding range of high quality concrete slab products and we still provide unparalleled technical expertise… but we now offer something else.

Royal Concrete is proud to announce that we have a new and highly advanced production facility in Johannesburg. With a fresh and innovative approach to everything that we do, a new commitment to our customers and new products and benefits to offer, we look forward to growing even more.

In streamlining our business we have been careful to retain all the positive features that people associate with Royal Concrete. You can still rely on our highly effective after sales, technical and design support, as well as the outstanding quality of our products and the proven performance that they deliver. You can also be sure that our extensive product range still contains everything that you require to create the ideal solution for your specific project.

Royal Concrete’s new Johannesburg production facility is specifically tailored to manufacturing concrete slabs that are cost-effective, innovative and world-class. By combining our renowned expertise of concrete slabs, we at Royal Concrete, are able to deliver a total slab structural solution. From engineering designs and drawings to the manufacture, delivery and installation of products, to providing you with pumping and certification, Royal Concrete has the unbeatable solution for you.

Our heritage allows us to lead the way in precast technology where our engineers still enable architects and designers to realise their concepts as well as householder’s security and quality. Our virtues are economic, sustainable and always delivered on time, backed by our own technical expertise.

What sets us apart as industry leaders?

We Offer Immediate Quotation

The Royal Concrete team will respond promptly to your fax/call/email. We will set up a meeting to discuss what you need and if you cannot get to us- we will come to you. A qualified rep will come to you and answer any queries you may have. Alternatively, you can email us a PDF drawing of your project.

Engineer’s Slab Designs

Our qualified and talented engineers will design the ideal slab layout for you and will always meet the market standards and requirements in this regard. We also offer an engineer’s certificate upon project completion and we will also manufacture your concrete slabs to your engineer’s specific requirements.

Quality Products @ Factory Prices

Extruded high strength T Lintels and quality hollow blocks at unbeatable prices that add value to any project.

Free Site Support For An Efficient Service

Royal Concrete offers free site support services. Highly qualified reps and professional engineers will assist you throughout the slab process and will ensure that everything that is done is in adherence to the engineers design.