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Royal Concrete Slabs is based in Johannesburg, Gauteng and has been in operation for well over 2 decades and we have the capacity to supply our services throughout Gauteng and the surrounding areas. What sets us apart as an industry leader is our unyielding dedication to client satisfaction and our superior products at factory prices. Whether you need Rib and Block Concrete Slabs, Polystyrene Lightweight Concrete Slabs or professional Engineering Services, we have the solution for you. We focus our attention on lintel and hollow block manufacture, engineering design and delivery in the Gauteng area with our new production facility in Johannesburg. We also deliver concrete slabs within 400km radius from Johannesburg.

Rib and Block slabs are double storey floor slabs and can also be used as first floor or roof slabs. These are the most popular South African Builders choice. Also known as prestressed or precast concrete slabs.

What we offer our clients

Rib and Block Slab Systems

Rib and Block slabs are the South African engineers and architects slab of choice and we have perfected these slabs.

Polystyrene Lightweight Rib and Block Slab Systems

This is used specifically for long distance products, where lighter weights are required on load bearing walls or on 3rd and 4th floor levels for easy installation.

Engineering Services (Signatures for council submissions, foundation and structural designs, inspection & certification)

The Royal Concrete engineers will manufacture the ideal concrete slab solution for you. Whatever it is you require, our talented team has the ability to bring your vision to life. We look forward to serving our customers with the most sustainable and high quality concrete products. We strive to create long lasting relationships with all of our clients. It is the Royal Concrete mission to help you build quicker, safer and more economically.

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